12 Whelping Kit Must-Haves

Whelping can be a stressful time for both mom and owner. That’s why preparing a whelping kit ahead of time can help cut out some of the stress that comes with whelping. In the video above, Gina and Shelley talk about some of the top 12 items every owner should have in their whelping kit. In this blog post, we are going to discuss how you can help the mom prepare for whelping.

Calcium in the Whelping Kit

Whelping can take a lot out mom, like Dr. B says in his calcium article “We don’t know why we are getting more issues with calcium, but always remember, good moms who milk hard are the most vulnerable to calcium deficiency.” Dr. B recommends once early labor begins, you should provide balanced calcium, phosphorous, and magnesium supplements. The goal is to get three to four doses of calcium in mom before the first puppy hits the ground.

Give Them Milk

It’s a known fact that mother’s milk is what every newborn needs to start on the path of a healthy life. That’s why it’s important that the moment the puppies hit the floor, they have milk to feed on. Giving your mom Oxy Momma seven days before birth helps to stimulate milk production. Mother’s milk is full of all the good things that keep our puppies strong and fighting. So having it ready from day one will help keep you from bottle feeding.

These are only a couple of things that take place during whelping. Which is why it’s important to have a whelping kit prepared ahead of time. We want you to be ready for every scenario.  There are plenty of places to get whelping resources, the best place being the Revival Learning Center or the Paw Squad blog.

Do you have any items you keep in your whelping kit that you want to share?? Let us know in the comments below!

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18 thoughts on “12 Whelping Kit Must-Haves”

  1. I have a suction tube delee’ plus a regular suction tube… a clamps to crush the umbilical cord if Mom doesn’t do a good job. Iodine for cord stump. Half dozen or so of white washcloths so you have a ready supply to dry off newborns. A isolate (clear plastic tub)with a heating pad under a soft covering to place pups in when you are needing to separate them from Mom for weighing or when tending to a difficult whelp. ID collars.

    1. Hello Linda! You’re very correct. Calcium is very important to have! We placed it as our #3 item to have in your whelping kit. I believe Shelley actually holds up Oral Cal Plus as our recommendation. -Maria at Revival

  2. We keep low sodium beef or chicken broth handy,and vanilla ice cream.
    We keep a leash, towel and flashlight in our supply kit in case momma needs a little walkabout.

    1. …and we never allow Mama outside without following her with a towel and a flashlight (if at night), as they DO have puppies outside!

  3. Thanks! Great things you have been talking about. I have also found that having tube feeding supplies on hand and even showing people how to do that would also be helpful. On rare occasions, I have had puppies born that didn’t seem to know how to drink from their Mom or a bottle. I was able to tube feed them for a day or two and they became strong enough to drink from their Mom. We had no chocking or asperating of the bottled milk with nipple issues. The milk went right into the tummy and they just needed some help for the first couple days. I especially noticed that in litters where I either had a large litter or I have had big active puppies that would push a smaller one out of the way. I always keep tube feeding supplies in my kit. Thanks, Cheryl

    1. Cheryl, That’s a really good tip! It’s better to be prepared for the unexpected. I also like your suggestion about showing people how to tube feed. I will pass that along to our education team! Thanks for your tip. -Maria at Revival

  4. would love it if you had a wish list rescues and shelters could share with their followers like Amazon does, so we could ask for help to get donations of these products to keep on hand at all times

    1. Hey Cheryl, We do have a wishlist! If you scroll to the top of our page, there is a present box that says wishlist. When you click on that it will ask you to create an account and from there you can build your own wishlist. I hope that helps! -Maria at Revival

  5. I wish this had a share button. i am connected to over 100 rescues and I am constantly preaching whelping kits, this would make it so much easier if you have facebook and twitter share buttons

    1. Cheryl, Thank you for the suggestion for the share button and the Amazon wishlist! Those are both great ideas. For now, since we don’t have a share button on the blog I am attaching the link to our Facebook post so you can share it from there. I’m going to pass along your suggestions to the team. Thanks again! -Maria at Revival


  6. Plenty of warm dry towels and a warming pad is great to have ready. One thing we do is give plasma to our new born pups. We give one ml oral the first hr of life esp if Mom is sectioned. The vet can draw blood spin it down and give you plasma to give the new pups or it can be ordered frozen and kept in the freezer and thaw out one vial at a time. This is especially great for a weak or frail pup. After the first 24 hrs of life it can be given sub q This will strength the puppy and help rehydrate too. Good luck

  7. Because I’m a nurse I have a warming pad . also warming disk that warms washcloths for cleaning warming Puppies. and oxygen . My puppies are 3-4 ounce yorkies fragile.

  8. heating pad is number one in birthing kittens. With kittens we don’t use an umbilical clamp.. We use hemostats that clamp on the cord for 5 minutes/sterilized scissors to cut cord and betadine applied with a clean q-tip. Another option is to use dental floss to tie off umbilical cord. A clear sweater box with about 7 or so wee wee pads make clean up a breeze.. In case there is no milk, must have on hand a supplement such as goat milk or KMR. Also if kitten isn’t nursing, a sterile syringe filled with goat milk and a nipple.. The miracle nipple has been my personal go to before using a bottle. Sometimes newborns will aspirate on the bottle because the milk comes out too fast. Very important to weigh each kitten daily to note any weight changes so scale is a must.. As the kitten approach 10 days old, another product to have on hand is Terramycin eye ointment. Bacteria does get in the eyes sometimes from birth and applying this ointment to the eye will help tremendously . Hope all these suggestions help out there

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