CBD Oil for Pets

You may be thinking CBD oil for pets? Isn’t CBD oil just marijuana? In this blog post we’re going to answer the burning question about what CBD oil is and if it really works! If you want to learn about use cases be sure to watch the latest episode of the Pet Care Pro Show at the top.

Where Does CBD Oil Come From?

CBD oil is a non-psychoactive chemical compound from the cannabis plant. The cannabis plant has multiple species, the two most widely recognized being hemp and marijuana. The biggest difference between the two of them is the levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) they contain. THC is the thing that gives the feeling of being “high.”

While the marijuana plant contains a high levels of THC, hemp does not. Most CBD products are derived from hemp. Because hemp contains very low levels of THC, you don’t have to worry about it altering your pet’s mental state.

How Does CBD Oil Help My Pet?

First, CBD oil is not a cure-all but there have been instances where it’s been found to work particularly well. For pets with chronic pain, GI issues, muscle trauma or neurological issues, CBD oil can be useful in conjunction with current therapy and medications. Learn more about what you can give your dog for pain relief on Modern Dog Magazine.

If you plan on starting CBD oil for your pets, start out with small amounts and then closely monitor the effects. It would also be a good idea to check with your veterinarian before you start giving your pet CBD oil.

Whether you plan on trying CBD oil for your pets or you just want to learn more about it, you can always call in to ask one of Pet Care Pros for more information or visit the Learning Center for more articles on CBD oil.

What are your thoughts and experiences with pet CBD oil? Let us know in the comments below!

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29 thoughts on “CBD Oil for Pets”

  1. I am a dog groomer and owner, I have been for 34 years. I have a questions, I have dogs and cats that come into the salon that are covered with cigarette smoke by there owners, and over the years I see these wonderful animals die by cancer. Being there groomer I can not say anything to them. But is there any pamphlets or any information i can hand out to the customers on how dangerous and deadly cigarette smoking can be around your pet. Thanks for any help, Jennifer Smith

    1. Hello Jennifer, Unfornately we don’t currently have information on the topic. I will pass the topic idea on to our Education Team though, they may want to create a couple articles about it. -Maria at Revival

  2. We tried CBD with our large but dying dog. He is 14 1/2 and can barely walk. Exhibits little outward pain but we know he is experiencing some. It is flavored with beef and cheese and is in oil form with a dropper. Started with one dropper in the morning and then after a few days added another dropper at night. No obvious difference in manner but did seem more relaxed. Then he started with softened stools and eventually diarrhea. No change in his food. We had to stop giving him the CBD. Stools returned to normal.

  3. My son brought home a small, 30ml bottle of CBD oil for one of my dogs. She was starting to fail and he thought the oil would offer some comfort for her. At 15 she had lead a full life and we were not ready to lose her. At the time I was afraid to chance giving her any of the oil and soon after we decided to help her cross the rainbow bridge. I wish I had asked our vet whether the oil would have helped this sweet old lady.
    Your article is so timely. My generation tends to lean towards the old fears over marijuana and the euphoria many people receive from smoking it. I have been curious about the properties found in this form and I still have the unopened bottle. I’ll be watching for and reading your articles with great interest. And THANK YOU! Your articles are of so much value.

    1. Thank you for sharing your story with us Anthea! I want to first give you my condolences for the loss of your pet. My parents are currently going through the same thing with two of our family dogs, so I understand the feeling of wanting to do whatever you can to offer them a little comfort.
      Second, you’re very correct on the thoughts that most have on CBD oil. That’s why we’ve created a video and article to educate people on CDB and how it could help your pet!
      Thank you for reading our articles!
      -Maria at Revival

    1. Hello Terri,
      I’m not sure if it would. It’s always a good idea to talk to your vet before starting your dog on anything new. Let me know if you have any other questions. -Maria at Revival

    1. Hello Terry,
      We understand your concerns and agree you should be careful about which products you select for your pets, that’s why the CBD oils we carry are carefully vetted. There have been several studies done that demonstrate its efficacy. We’ve also received feedback from pet owners about how it’s helped their pets, when it comes to anxiety and lack of appetites. -Maria at Revival

  4. My cocker spaniel has been in failing health for the last year. He has an enlarged heart and severe arthritis. He is on pain medications and also medication for his heart. His usual day is to lay around and sleep, waking only to eat or go outside for a little while. We started him on CBD oil 2 months ago. For the first few weeks we could not tell much difference. After two months he is feeling much better, he is actually walking better, seems to be in less pain and he got a good report from the vet’s office yesterday about his heart. I was hesitant to use CBD oil but had reached a point where I was desperate to find help for my dog. Now I’m glad I tried it because he seems to be happier and feeling better. I would definitely recommend trying it.

    1. Hello Stamper,
      Thank you for sharing your experience with us! We’re so happy to hear about your Cocker Spaniel. We hope he continues getting good reports and that he stays happy and healthy! -Maria at Revival

  5. It says on my bottle that 1/4 dropper is for cats. It does not say how often. So is this once a day? I feed 2x daily. I am currently adding it to their morning meal. Any advise?

    1. Hello Melinda,
      The manufacturer recommends you administer the dose once a day and take notes of how your pet is responding. Monitor the signs and symptoms over a few days to weeks’ time. Make adjustments based on your pets response. Let us know if you have anymore questions!
      -Maria at Revival

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