Cynthia’s Heat Cycle Solution

Our Pet Care Pros come across all types of pet health issues. Thanks to the extensive training they receive, they’re able to help our customers with many different pet health issues. A common problem our customers call in about is heat cycles. In this video, Pet Care Pro Cynthia shares the story of a customer who was experiencing heat cycle problems and how they overcame it.


1 thought on “Cynthia’s Heat Cycle Solution”

  1. Thank you for sharing that, I have a Female that took her 13 months to have a heat cycle, now I would like to breed her in her 2nd heat cycle which she is now 8 months now but no sign of a heat cycle yet. At this point wandering if breeding would even work for her. Also I need advise on tube feeding 2 oz puppy’s, I raise Yorkies, I here so many different types of syringes and size of tubing to use, starting to spend a lot on items that I’m not sure what I need. Also size of syringes and needles for a shot under skin of fluids. I was told 25 1/2 gage. But can only find 25 5/8. With a 3 ml was told by another Yorkie Breeder. Tiny puppy so want a small needle don’t want to hurt them. I lost 2 puppy’s for not having the right feeding tube 5 f is what I need and the right syringes and needles. Please e mail me thanks for the help.

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