Dr. Greer is Director of Vet Services

Revival is pleased to announce the transition of Dr. Marty Greer to Director of Veterinary Services. Greer, who joined the Revival Paw Squad in January, will assume the role following the retirement of Dr. Donald Bramlage on March 1, 2019.

Dr. Greer has more than 30 years’ experience in veterinary medicine, with special interests in pediatrics and reproduction. She owns Veterinary Village and International Canine Semen Bank WI-IL with her husband, Dr. Dan Griffiths. You may also recognize her name from the book, “Canine Reproduction and Neonatology,” which has been a popular item at Revival for many years. It’s just one example of her dedication to sharing her pet health knowledge.

She replaces Dr. Donald Bramlage aka Dr. B, who held the Director of Veterinary Services title for eight years before announcing his retirement. Dr. B was hired to replace Revival’s founder and original veterinarian, Dr. Roy Nielsen Jr., making Dr. Greer just the third veterinarian to hold this position in our thirty-year history. Dr. B personally recommended adding Dr. Greer to the Paw Squad when he began considering retirement, citing her experience in reproduction and passion for education, both of which are core to our mission here at Revival.

“When I recommended Revival talk with Dr. Greer about succeeding me, it was because I knew she possessed the skill set to take Revival to the next level with healthy moms and puppies. She has the ability to fulfill that role and more. I look forward to seeing where Revival will go in the future in regards to preventing health issues for breeders and rescues,” Dr. B says.

During his tenure at Revival, Dr. B focused on helping customers manage and prevent issues instead of treating them. From managing moms with calcium during whelping to keeping disease out of kennels and shelters, Dr. B partnered with Revival’s Pet Care Pro team to help customers from all corners of the world give their pets better health. He authored many of the resources that now comprise our Learning Center, including articles, webinars and videos. His passion for education is shared by Dr. Greer, who looks to expand on that mission in the years to come.

“I’m proud to carry on Dr. B’s legacy of educating pet owners in my new role as Director of Veterinary Services. Working with Revival’s customers to help them provide better pet care is one of my favorite parts about this job and being able to shape the future of our Vet Services division is an exciting opportunity,” Dr. Greer says.

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Greer on her new role and wishing Dr. B the very best in retirement!


26 thoughts on “Dr. Greer is Director of Vet Services”

  1. Dr. B, Thank you for all you have done and will continue to do. I don’t believe anyone truly retires they just get a calling from somewhere else. Welcome Dr. Greer, may your new calling bring you Blessings and Happiness.

  2. Dr. B has helped me learn how to manage my biggest concerns with cleaning supply suggestions and recommendations of vaccinations and products for my moms and pups. I refer to him as my “wizard of Oz.” I will miss knowing you have my back. Happy retirement!

  3. Welcome Dr. Greer. I breed Australian Shepherds and have consulted Dr. B on many occasions. I wish him the best in his retirement. Revival has always been able to help me on many occasional questions concerning everything from vaccines to whelping. Again welcome.

  4. I have a male cat that was given to me and he is about 10 yrs. old. The problem that I have is that is sneezes all the time and snot flies all over. What can be the problem?

    1. Hello Terry,
      I’m not sure what would be causing that to happen. I would recommend you take your cat to a vet, they would be able to help you find a diagnosis for your cat.
      Let me know if you have any other questions. -Maria at Revival

  5. Welcome Dr. Greer. Looking forward to your wisdom and expertise in the future. Congratulations!

    Dr. B, Congratulations on your retirement. You have done an amazing job and I’m sure I am speaking for everyone saying thank you for your help and wisdom over the years. If I ever needed to know something, you and Revival always had the answer. Good luck.

  6. Dr B will be sorely missed. His help and great seminars provided outstanding resources for breeders, large and small. Congratulations on your retirement!

    Welcome Dr Greer! You have some mighty big shoes to fill but if Dr B recommends you, I bet your up to the job. Looking forward to where your years with Revival takes us!

  7. Welcome Dr. Greer,
    Your expertise is so welcome. It seems that quality reproductive and neonatal care for small animals is hard to find in many areas of our country. Your work will help fill that gap. Best wishes for every success.

  8. Welcome to your important new job at Revival! Dr. B’s shoes are hard to fill but it sounds like you can add a lot to this wonderful company!

  9. Look forward to working with Dr Greer but will miss the guidance and knowledge and familiarity of Dr B.

    I always knew I could count on telling Dr B what wad going on and get the answer on how to correct it.

  10. Congrats! I look forward to seeing educational articles on reproduction and seeing where you take the company. I love Revival!

  11. Looking forward in having Dr Greer at Revival Animal Health, we as breeders find it a great help in knowing there is a knowledgeable and experienced veterinarian on hand to answer our questions that come up suddenly. Revival has been very helpful in pointing us in the right direction or suggestion products that have definitely been of a great help in our breeding program. Thankyou Revival and keep up the excellent work and service you provide.

  12. Thankyou Dr B, we will miss you! You gave us some good advice and direction in many cases. Personally speaking with you on the phone brought about much confidence in you and Revival both! May God Bless you in your future as you retire!

  13. I hope you write more articles on fading puppy and neonatal issues. Especially with the main causes from e.coli, klubsleia, and pseudomonas. In the articles please discuss cleaning, sanitation, antibiotics for dam and puppies, and if this happens to each litter after dogs have a litter with these bacterial concerns. Also if this is contagious to other females in the kennel and how to stop it from spreading

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