Ask the Vet with Dr. Greer: November 2021

Revival’s Director of Veterinary Services, Dr. Marty Greer, shared her extensive knowledge and experience as she answered your pet health questions in this recent live virtual Ask the Vet event held in November, 2021. As a veterinarian, Dr. Greer has developed a strong interest in managing canine breedings, high risk pregnancies, male and female infertility and neonatal care.

Dr. Greer answers cat and dog health questions on the topics of:

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10 thoughts on “Ask the Vet with Dr. Greer: November 2021”

  1. My almost 2 year old westie female hasn’t come in heat that I’ve noticed nor has she bred of course. What can I do to help things along or how will I know if she will be able to? I’ve never had this issue and have bred for many years.

    I’ve given her puppy kibble and B strong for 3 months.
    Thank you,
    Paula McElroy

    1. Paula, Sheryl, one of our pet care pros, has this advice for you.

      Paula, We recommend the B Strong vitamin to help with the reproduction system. These articles may also help you> and Please call at 1-800-786-4751 if you have further questions, we’ll be happy to help you. – Sheryl, Revival Pet Care Pro

  2. My dog has seborhea a very oily coat and redness on her chest and neck.It must be an allergy and I am searching for ideas how to treat this.If anyone else has ideas how to treat this condition let me know.I am using douxo shampoo on my dog but it’s not really helping.

  3. It’s really a question I had two kittens born with their third eyelid here to the actual eyeball so you only see like a quarter of the eye is sealed with this white Frozen I had the vet removed off the mail and his eyes are staying squinted and smaller than the other eye should I go to a eye specialist for better you have to see for better surgery cuz I still have the little girl to do

    1. Sofia, here is Dr. Greer’s answer to your question:

      You should see an ophthalmologist. This is usually a virus – rhino or calici virus and an ophthalmologist is the best person to treat them. – Dr. Marty Greer, JD

      Dr. Greer has more information in a short video from our Revival Learning Center (warning-an actual medical procedure is shown that is graphic in nature) – – Tom at Revival

    1. Sheila, We’re so sorry about your loss. I forwarded your question to Dr. Greer. This is her response:

      This applies to all dogs, not just English bulldogs. The females go into labor when the cortisol levels in the pups rises, due to stress. Small litters do not have the crowding and lowered placental blood flow since there is only 1. When we have litter s of 1 to 2 pups, we recommend a c-section for this reason. The placenta will only support the pup for 64 to 65 days. Longer than that and the pup will die. There is NO way to induce labor in a female with the drugs we have in the US. – Dr. Marty Greer, JD

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