Farewell Dr. B

Our Director for Veterinary Services, Dr. Bramlage (aka Dr. B), is retiring next week after eight years at Revival and more than three decades of helping pets be healthier. We wanted to take a few moments to celebrate Dr. B and invite you to leave your well-wishes for him in the comments.

In his time at Revival, Dr. B has helped customers from all over the world with their pet health challenges. Beyond just helping customers himself, Dr. B has been instrumental in helping our Pet Care Pro team expand its knowledge and ability to advise our customers on pet care practices and products.

“When Dr. B joined the Revival family, we couldn’t have been happier. He has trained our Pet Care Pros on so many things over the years, from parvo to bowed legs in puppies. His passion for preventing versus treating has been passed on to our team and he has played a large part in increasing the knowledge of our Pet Care Pros,” says Deb, Pet Care Supervisor at Revival.

Dr. B’s passion for education led to the development of the hundreds of articles, webinars, videos, and downloadable guides that now make up our Learning Center. “Most of our Learning Center materials were authored by Dr. B based on things he talked to customers about. He truly believes knowledge is the path to healthier pets. That belief is really his legacy to the entire Revival team because it’s become such a part of what we do here,” says Angie Jones, our Communications Manager.

Those of you who had the privilege of meeting Dr. B in person will share our love of his positive attitude, sense of humor, and witty sayings. Those sayings have become known around our office as “Dr. B’isms” and we’d like to share a few with you we think sum up what he’s meant to us.

“Learn two things a day and in one year, you’re an expert.” His classic call to our Pet Care Pros to never stop learning.

“It’s a marathon, not a sprint.” On managing and preventing problems versus just treating them.

“Water is good but too much and you drown.” His advice for using products and supplements purposefully and judiciously.

“You just can’t get sad looking at eight healthy puppies.” Our absolute favorite and the one we repeat around the office the most.

Please join the Revival Paw Squad in wishing Dr. B the very best in retirement by sharing your well-wishes, thanks and memories in the comments below. Happy retirement, Dr. B!

Postscript: Dr. Marty Greer will be assuming the role of Director of Veterinary Services following Dr. B’s retirement on March 1st. Learn more about Dr. Greer in the official announcement.


73 thoughts on “Farewell Dr. B”

  1. Congratulations on your retirement Dr. B! I love all the articles and information have learned through you and Revival’s pet pros. I look forward to seeing your successor and where she leads the company’s visions!

  2. Thank you for many years of tips, advice and sharing your vast amount of animal expeerise. We are big advocates of Revival Animal Health and all of the knowledgeable staff. Congratulations on a well-deserved retirement.

  3. Happy Retirement Dr. B! You and your expertise in puppy care will be missed! I have always loved all of your speeches that you gave either at the IA or SD Pet Breeders meetings! Even when you would have to travel with Lori and she almost amputated her finger or watching/teaching her how to bid on items at the auctions!! We had and shared some good times! Best wishes in your retirement!

  4. I certainly would never begrudge anyone a happy retirement but my goodness Dr. B will be missed!
    He has so graciously shared his knowledge, tips and tricks with so many breeders and animal care providers that it has indeed made the world a better place to be a puppy!
    Thank you Dr.B

  5. Dr. B this is actually painful. You are so appreciated, so loved, and just so fun! Thanks for all you have done for breeders,thanks for the memories. Have a great retirement, it’s not long until the crappie spawn!!

  6. Congratulations Dr. B
    I have always enjoyed listening to you.
    I have kept the handouts that you have handed out and when a problem comes up I go through them to find the solution.
    You have helped so many of us and for that I thank you

  7. I am GONNA MISS Dr. B. He has been such a positive influence on so many of us! I can’t imagine a Dog Breeders seminar without his presence and his educational presentations. He has become “one of us” or made many of us comfortable talking to and with him on a variety of subjects regarding raising healthy puppies. As sad as I am to hear he is retiring, I wish him well and hope he enjoys HOS time immensely. Thank you, Dr. B for all you have given and Thank you to your family for sharing so much of yourself with us!

  8. What can I say to someone Bob mom, and I have come to know as a friend. I say ” Congratulations and God Love Ya, you deserve it and you will be missed greatly”. However, you will always be our friend. You always took time out at a conference to smile and talk to mom. Anytime I called with a question, you always got right back with me and always helped me find the solution. Bob and I would not be where we are today without all the aid and assistance you have given to us. I tell all my customers to use Revival’s site to not only order from, but to learn from the info you placed there. My dear friend, my question now is. Are you going to do more fishing with your wife? With adoration and best wishes for a wonderful retirement, your friends Bob, Ila, Harriett, and all the adorable dogs & pups.

  9. Dr. B,
    Thank for your help with our dogs! I would like to remind you of the time I called about having lost three puppies at just two or three days of age due to diarrhea. I still treat all momma’s with sulfur for a week before and a week after whelping with sulfur. Marilyn and I want to wish you a
    wonderful retirement! Your friend

  10. Congrats on your retirement. Thank you for all you advice over the years. Love the team at Revival everyone is always so helpful. You have taught them lots of puppy knowledge. We are very thankful for this. Enjoy retirement ?

  11. Have a wonderful retirement. You have been an icon in this industry for many years and will continue to be. Thank you for all of your caring dedication and for assisting me when I thought I couldn’t do it anymore. Terisa

  12. I cant even begin to tell you how much you will be missed. I have learned so much from you over the years and then putting it into on hands experience in my kennel. Thanks for the education and the memories. Enjoy life to the fullest in your retirement.

  13. Congratulations on your retirement Dr. B.
    You will be greatly missed. So very Thankful to you over the years for All of your help and tips! May God bless you always!

  14. Congratulations on your retirement Dr B. You have given me some great advice throughout the years. I will miss that greatly. It’s a wonderful crew at revival and you had a lot to do with that. You’ll definitely be missed

  15. Dr. B,
    I am going to miss you so much. Seminars will not be the same. I guess I will have to come to Missouri to stalk you now. Enjoy your well earned retirement. We will all miss you in Texas. You are one of a kind and no one will ever fill your shoes.
    Best Wishes
    Jo Guthrie
    Professional Per Breeders of Texas

  16. Thank you Dr B! I just started using Revival last year and have been very pleased with your products. They have helped my mommas and pups be happier and healthier, which translates to less stress for me and very, very happy pup owners.
    More importantly, your staff is the most helpful and knowledgeable group that I’ve ever dealt with, which says a lot about the company’s leadership!
    (I don’t know if you were also at UGA, but if you were with the large animal school, I took horses there for years and you and your students were the best!)
    So, enjoy your retirement….you’ve earned it!!!

  17. Dr B, you will be missed. I have rarely needed your help but when I have, you’ve been there with sensible advice. And in one instance you saved me an ER visit.
    Enjoy your retirement although, if you are planning to relax, it won’t happen. I am far busier in my retirement than I ever was before. But I enjoy every moment. I wish you the same busier and happy retirement!
    Thank you for your timely articles and advice. You are a true veterinarian.
    Anthea McCallister
    Puddleduck Goldens (although the Goldens are now GoldenDoodles and one Bernedoodle!)

  18. Docttor B, thankyou for helping us with the pesky mites!!! I really was clueless on what to do with this menace and it wa even getting my hands. I really needed to hear that I wasn’t going to whup this, but that to maintain it was good enough. And it has been. Enjoy your retirement, life is a precious thing.

  19. Congratulations on your retirement! You well deserve time to enjoy life a little easier. Thank you for all your valuable advice in the venue of dog breeding.

  20. Your articles and advice have helped me with so many issues over the years. I truly feel like you have helped educate me and I cannot thank you enough. I hope you have a wonderful and well deserved retirement!

  21. Thanks Dr. B for all the assistance you have given me over the past years. It has been very helpful in our passion of raising Australian Shepherds. I wish you the very best in retirement. If you are ever in Arizona be sure and give me a call.

  22. Oh we are going to miss you! You have been so informative to me and I have learnt so much. It’s going to be hard not having you there to call and get suggestions.
    Have a great retirement and enjoy life!
    Pawz & Clawz Petz

  23. Thank you for all your help and knowledge Dr. B! You helped us learn that an old dog can learn new tricks( some people too)! We have learned so much over the years and Revival is our go to now days. Best Wishes in Retirement!

  24. When I was still breeding , Dr. B helped me so much by answering all my many questions and his advice was always sound. He never made me feel like I was taking up his time. I so appreciated his help and he will be greatly missed I’m sure.

  25. Dr B
    I don’t know what to say. Your value to all of us is uncommencable. I feel like I am losing a valuable friend in heart and mind.
    I know everyone needs to retire sometime we are so going to miss you.
    Best of wishes to you. You deserve it.
    God bless.
    Jean Frueh

  26. Congrats on your retirement. Thanks for all that you have done over the years for our “furry” family members. Wishing you the best!!

  27. We will miss you, Dr B! Without you, I doubt I would have made it raising dogs. Thank you for all your knowledge and help. I have lots of healthy happy puppies as a result of your care. I wish you all the best in your retirement.

  28. I am going to miss you Dr. B. You have been the heart of my breeding program. You have helped me over come many obstacles and enhanced my positives to make my breeding program a great success. I attribute my 5 star rating to your knowledge and my hard work. Words cannot express my deep respect for you and your willingness to educate me. Besides the learning center and the conferences that I have attended over the years – you have even called me from your cell phone while driving to help me with an issue. I took every word you said as Gold and followed your advice. It was right on target and I was ready to give up my dream because I was so stumped. This was after many vet visits but you knew exactly how to help me and what products I needed. Thank you does not seem adequate but I am thanking you from the bottom of my heart. I hope you enjoy your retirement – You have certainly earned it!

  29. Congratulations on your retirement Dr. B.
    If I’m being totally honest, and I’m sure I’m not alone when I tell you I said, WHAT, NO, he can’t retire! You will be greatly missed!
    You have been so much help to me and I have learned so much from you, and also from the learning center. I have enjoyed seeing and hearing you at the Des Moines seminars and the help you offered over the phone multiple times.
    This is a HUGE THANK YOU from someone who will never forget the valuable information you have passed on, not only yourself but also the wonderful staff there at Revival. I don’t know what I would have done without it. Fighting this stinking cough in my puppies has been a struggle, but with your help, I’m free of it now and hopefully it never comes back!
    Happy retirement! Enjoy

  30. You will be sorely missed Dr B. You leave very big shoes to fill. Not sure anyone can. Enjoy retirement , but maybe consider a blog or something that when we get in deep poop we can holler help?? Take care.

  31. Dr.B, Greetings from your friends here in NC, Betty Holden, and the furkids here-the ancient chihuahuas,White German Shepherd,and Chinese Crested. Your kind heart will forever be remembered in our home! You have gone WAY past any professional relationships, as you slid into our hearts.You selflessly helped us deal with very unique physical circumstances and conditions which the local vets did not know answers to.Thank you for the patience,endless advice and teachings, both individual and online.We love using the learning center.When our old chi Miracle was dying, you stood with us for over 3 weeks, giving daily advice, supplements, and feedings that bought those three weeks of extra time with her. That was sacred of you to do. I have written down, and printed your advice on different subjects, and it will go on to serve the other seniors in this house and the younger pups too. We hope that you and your family will enjoy your retirement immensely! “Well done thou GOOD and FAITHFUL servant!” We will MISS you!

  32. Dr.B’s advice and his articles on coccidia, giardia and other ailments as well as advice on keeping breeding dogs healthy and productive have been invaluable to me over the past years. I would wish on him good health, long life, and a wonderful retirement!! I hope his replacement is nearly as good!!

  33. Congrats to you Mr. B. I remember my aunt from vermont( who is deceased now) saying how wonderful you were and when i started my own cattery she told me to come to you with any issues.My Aunt raised Persians at the time, and she just adored you, so from my late aunt and myself may the next thing you do in your life be just as wonderful as whhat you have done for all of us. God Bless you MR. B

  34. Hope you take time now to slow down an really enjoy life with your loved ones that includes the 4 legged ones too
    Best wishes
    Anna Willis

  35. Dr B helped me many times with my German Shepherds…i used to breed and show them as well…They have many problems in the breed and Dr B never “sugar-coated” the problem…he suggested treatments i never thought of…He will be missed…now is his time to follow other dreams he might have…Thank You…Cloverleife Hill Kennels…Natalie Stewart

  36. Hope you have great time in retirement sad to see you go but I know you have trained and instilled values in the team at Revival. Best of luck. You saved my kennel twice so thank you. From All of my doggies at Saint’s Run Kennel

  37. Doctor B, We are so sad to see you go, but know you will enjoy your much deserved retirement. Your love for animals, hard work, and dedication definitely shines through in all the health articles at Revival, and being able to actually call and ask you for advice was totally awesome and completely fixed our problem! We hope you thoroughly enjoy the BEST YEARS OF YOUR LIFE !

  38. I had the pleasure of speaking to Dr. B a few times and he was very helpful & kind. You’ll be missed!

    Thank you so much and enjoy your retirement. God Bless.

    Norma Loeffler @ Magic Country


  40. Enjoy your retirement. And thanks for your help over the years. I have been a Revival customer for about 40 years. Thank you.

  41. Congratulations on your retirement Dr. B. Thank you for all your support, teaching podcasts, sharing your expertise on the phone when we’re struggling with an issue and we are especially grateful for the Puppy Gatorade recipe! Hope you have a lot of fun and many blessings in your retirement!

  42. Wishing you a wonderful, well-deserved retirement! I met you years ago, when you visited us at Jeffers. I still remember our conversations and your awesome advice and insights! I hope that you always stay connected with the pet industry. We need you! Thank you and God bless you!!

  43. Thanks for all of the Great information you have provided!
    As a Rescue everything we learn helps save animals!
    Enjoy your retirement!

  44. Dr B
    Congratulations on your well deserved retirement.
    You surely will be missed. I hope Revival continues with the pet care tips. I have referred many clients to Revival and have found so many of your articles helpful.
    I believe my success with healthy dogs and pups surely are a result of some of your tips.

    Thank you and enjoy your retirement.

  45. Happy Retirement Dr. B. You have earned it in every way. Don’t get too comfortable more of the best is yet to come!
    I retired to Sequim, Washington in 2012 excited to live in another state for the first time but sad to leave my skincare clients of 30 years. I told them I was moving to the end of my journey.
    I began volunteering because I enjoy meeting people. I found KSQM 91.5FM (www.ksqmfm.com) radio. A non-profit listener supported community radio.
    Today, I am a radio announcer, program producer and busy busy. We have many programs including: Pet Lover’s Week. We have one of the largest concentrations of MILITARY VETERANS on the N. Olympic Peninsula. I record our Veterans with their favorite song/music and memories if they wish to share. Proud as I have interviewed a 99 year-young W.A.S.P. and a P.O.W.

    Thank you for your service to our Country and to our community.

  46. Enjoy your retirement.
    You were always nice to all the vendors at the shows.
    Enjoyed meeting you when I helped with Zach’s Dogfood.

  47. Thank you so much for your service, Dr. B! As a veterinary healthcare professional of many years myself, I also am a fanatical believer that “knowledge is power”. Best of luck on your next adventures, and know that you will be missed! Hope you’ll send occasional updates, too!

  48. NNOOOOO! He can’t retire!!! I just thank Dr. B for all of the great information he has so generously shared with all of us over the years – usually talking so fast that it was impossible to take notes and get it all down into my beady little senile brain! His love for the animals and the people who love them is so evident. I hope that retirement agrees with you, Dr. B, and that you get to do things that might be on your bucket list but for which you never had time. I hope that you live to a vital and healthy old age and that maybe you will miss us so much that you decide to grace us with another great seminar – just for old time’s sake! Best wishes to you and your family and THANKS!!!

  49. Dr B,

    Your articles and the information you have given us has been helpful beyond belief . I can’t count the number of puppies your articles have helped me save or the many problems I was able to avoid. I hope you have a wonderful retirement and thank you for all you have done..I hope that your successsor will pick up where you left off.. Once again thank you..

  50. Congratulations Dr. B for a lifetime of taking such devotion to the wellness of all of our pets! I’ll never forget the time you took the time to call me from your car as you were driving back home to offer me some very much needed advice. God Bless you and give you a wonderful retirement filled with much deserved joy and happiness!

  51. Enjoy your retirement DR. B!

    Thank you for personally helping me on a couple occasions and for the great articles which I share from time to time.

    I really appreciated your time to assist me. I do dog rescue: Bollinger County Stray Project.

  52. Dr. B.- Simply the best. You are able to explain anything in a way that people can understand and learn from what you tell them. You have literally helped millions of pets and their owners over your dedicated lifetime to our furry, feathered or scaled friends. The stories you know belong on paper for all to enjoy, over and over again. Your wealth of knowledge is endless. I am fortunate to have known you for over 30 years and have learned so much from your infinite wisdom and wonderful sense of humor. I am also fortunate enough to never have to say so long… my favorite married to my sister from another litter! See you soon. Happy Well Deserved Retirement!!!???????

  53. I can’t believe it.? I always look forward to talking to you at the DPBA seminar. You will be missed so much. You were always so good at emailing me back when I sent you questions or even phone calls. I wish you a wonderful retirement! ?

  54. Congratuations Dr. B, we will miss you more than you’ll even know!!! I’m so glad we were able to visit one last time in Baton Rouge before you retire. You have huge shoes to fill and you should be so proud of your dedication and the amazing job you have done educating others. I owe my success to you and your ability to not only find the problem but to also come up with a plan to eliminate the problem. I sure will miss my go to guy. I hope you enjoy retirement, you deserve it…. if you ever decide you want to come back I’m sure everyone would agree that we will welcome you back with open arms!

  55. Dr. B I just can’t tell you how much you helped me through when I was getting into breeding standard pooles last year!!! You were a calm voice of reason, knowledgeable and SO right about the issues my female was having, and helped me press on with confidence. I really can’t THANK YOU ENOUGH!!! You’ll be missed but I pray you enjoy your retirement!!! God Bless❣️❣️❣️

  56. Thank you for all that you’ve done to help so many of us in all aspects of pet care, and especially with breeding/whelping/newborn puppy care! I’ve felt so much more empowered with the support you provide. I’ve learned a ton from the Learning Center over the last couple of years! I also can’t tell you how surprised and excited I was when I called in with questions regarding dew claw removal and was able to speak with you personally. You gave me step-by-step instructions on how you do it, and turned that process from a dreaded task into one I can do much more calmly and with confidence. Thank you for your time, your caring, and your willingness to help a small hobby breeder like me. I will personally miss you a great deal but wish you all the best in your retirement!

  57. Dear Dr. B Congratulations on your retirement –
    Please know how much it has helped me and my Cavalier King Charles Spaniels throughout the years to be able to speak directly to you when I needed clarification re: Taurine and propolean glycol, etc.
    not to mention your guidance and articles written within the Revival Catalog – the whelping help with excellent products for mothers and puppies. Please know that the catalog is read like a book
    in my house, page b page there is always something to learn , a new product or comments on old ones. Please don’t stop the catalog
    I look forward to talking with Dr. Greer

  58. You will be missed, but Congratulations on your retirement. You have helped my husband & me to learn many things to better our kennel over the years. He has spoken to you on the phone many times about which medicines would be best for which issue the dogs were having at that time. May you enjoy your days to come as much as we have enjoyed your helpfulness.

  59. Congratulations Dr B on your retirement. Thank you for your recommendations. The knowledge and love you shared. Bless you!

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