Healthy Puppy Month

What do full tummies, wet kisses, and big bright eyes have in common? If you haven’t already, check out the video for the answer. (And, just a warning… the cuteness overload in the video is high.)

When it comes to healthy puppies, we are all about it at Revival. And with a slogan of “Pet Care From the Heart” how can we not be passionate about pups. That’s why we’ve declared April as Healthy Puppy Month. Sure, April might also be when we all celebrate Mathematics Awareness Month and Fresh Celery Month, but we think healthy puppies should be celebrated this month as well! If you agree, type “I Agree!” in the comments below.

It doesn’t take a math genius or a celery connoisseur to tell you that Healthy Puppy Month is saving money on all of your favorite healthy puppy must-haves. From newborn care to weaning and playtime, we want to make it easier for you and your puppy-loving friends to stock up and save. Tell a friend about Healthy Puppy Month and this April let’s celebrate together because we know you love healthy puppies just as much as we do. So, this month enjoy those soft furry snuggles and puppy wrestling matches while also saving money.

At Revival, we believe every puppy deserves to be healthy. So quickly finish your celery snack because our math calculations tell us Healthy Puppy Month won’t last forever. Click here to check out our list of puppy health items on sale now because after all, doesn’t every puppy deserve to be healthy and happy?


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  1. I agree! Revival is fast, friendly and very knowledgeable. I’ll often call them before calling my local vet with questions about puppy issues to see if they have any advice on how to treat the pup myself without a run to the vet. We whelp several litters a year and buy almost all of our supplies from them.

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