How to Disinfect a Kennel

How clean is your kennel? Do you use a disinfectant or rely on bleach alone? With guidance from Gina and Shelley, they’ll show you the best ways to keep your kennel clean!

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15 thoughts on “How to Disinfect a Kennel”

    1. Hello Edison, We would love to make one for cats! Do you have any specific questions you would like us to answer in the video? -Maria at Revival 🙂

  1. Thank you! So very informative and helpful. I have a small catery. The basic disenfectant protocol is the same. Wondering if the disenfectants you mention are safe for Persians? Normally use Chlorhexidine solutions.

  2. I have a small kennel and have had no problems with anything but coccidea. Last 2 litters of pups both tested positive for it at vets. I clean up daily & my kennel is cleaned. Dogs can go out into a grassy fenced in exercise yard & I clean that daily too but not with any disinfectants. Could that be the problem?

  3. Thank you so much for you’re help.
    Please make a video for cats and catteries,
    with specific info for Upper Respiratory viruses, Feluk & Fip, and Ringworm. All catteries can benefit from youre advice.

    1. Hello Elaynnea! Thank you for the feedback and suggestions! I will pass this along to the team and we’ll get it added to our list of video ideas. 🙂 -Maria at Revival

  4. Gina,
    I just discovered Rescue, but I have been using Chlorhexidine. I breed puppies so I am looking for a good sanitizing product that will work for my newborns. I make sure anyone entering has stepped in bleach water prior to seeing the pups, but want to know if this is the best technique. I have never had a puppy develop parvo, knock on wood. So basically I am wanting to know which product would be best for my kennel area. It is a room in my home. I sometimes have issues with puppies getting diarrhea when they are around 5 weeks old and have been outside in the yard.
    Also, I foster kittens when I don’t have puppies. These littles come from some of the worst enviornments imaginable. Diarrhea is often a problem. The kittens are not ever in the same environment as the puppies. I would like to use a product that sanitizing is simple, and safe. Please help me know how to do the best for my charges. Thanks! Vicki

    1. Thank you for taking the time to care for these babies. It takes a special person like yourself. I can recommend the Rescue Accel for you vs the bleach. Bleach is more of a surface cleanser. We don’t recommend bleach around babies due the odor can cause breathing issues in babies. The rescue is safe to use. Animals should be removed before disinfecting and once dried they can be returned. It will work very well also in any disinfectant mat. Rescue will kill parvo and it will also kill the nCovid 19. This article on Choosing a Disinfectant may also help you> -Maria at Revival

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