If Cats Were People

Episode 1

It’s Cat Meownth so we put our thinking cats on and had an idea… what would it be like if cats were people?

In Episode 1 of our series “If Cats Were People” you’ll see what we think it would be like if our feline friends were working in the office. Watch to the end and maybe you’ll learn a new cat joke!

After watching, leave us a comment below with what YOU think the world would be like if people were cats.

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4 thoughts on “If Cats Were People”

  1. What’s a cats favorite color? Purr-pul
    Lol very cute silly video thanks for sharing
    Meow hugs & purrs
    From Texas

  2. This is the first time I’ve seen your new video.
    I’ve never seen anything so hysterically funny and clever😻. Keep it up!

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