Intestinal Parasite in Dogs and Cats

Have you noticed your puppy with a bloated belly or grain-like rice in your dog’s feces? Is your cat experiencing vomiting, diarrhea, or has a rough hair coat? If this sounds familiar, your pet could be dealing with roundworms, hookworms, whipworms or tapeworms.

In this episode of the Pet Care Pro Show, Cynthia and Shelley will be answering some of the top questions we receive regarding intestinal parasites in cats and dogs.

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11 thoughts on “Intestinal Parasite in Dogs and Cats”

    1. Hello Tammie, Heartguard plus will treat round and hookworms. I can recommend the Advantage Multi for you. It will treat> Heartworm and fleas, ear mites, roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms. -Sheryl at Revival

  1. Thank you … I appreciate your talks.
    My CH. Standard Poodle chased & caught a wild rabbit. When I saw this happen I gave her the command ” Drop It” and she did! I picked up the dead rabbit and disposed it in my garbage . Several weeks later I was disgusted to see cream rice like worms on her anus! Immediately I called my local Veterinarian. Tapeworms … Yuck! I give my 3 Standard Poodles meds monthly that treats worms ! BUT not Tapeworms. She was given 3 pills at the cost of $38.00 ! My other 2 S.P.S were not effected T.G.
    QUESTION : Why did these cost so much ? Since Standard Poodles are a hunting breed should I keep Tapeworm meds on hand? If so what is the shelf life ? It has been over a month & there has been no reinfestation .

    1. Billie, I so sorry you had an issue with tapeworms. Tapeworms can happen from animals being bitten from fleas/ticks or from a rodent/rabbit that is infected. We recommend treating tapeworms as preventative along with your regularly scheduled deworming every 6 months. If infected it is recommended to repeat the treatment again in 30 days. Some prescription medications may include tapeworm. You can also purchase over the counter medication such as the TapeWorm for Dog> here’s the link for you to look> -Sheryl at Revival

  2. Which worker is best for my puppies , I am now use safe guard
    Should I keep using this wormer are switch to another wormer

    1. Hello Brittney, We do recommend to switch using deworming medications. We recommend using Pyrantel first and then Safeguard afterward. Safeguard will get what the Pyrantel doesn’t get. It also helps to prevent them from building up a resistance to certain medication. -Sheryl at Revival

  3. What is the best new born to 8 week wormers? I give moms interceptor plus. I normally worm puppies at 3 weeks with Pyrantel and again at 5 weeks. Then at 7 weeks I give a interceptor plus.

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