Intranasal Vaccines for Pets

Intranasal vaccines for cats and dogs can be tricky and intimidating, especially the first time you give one. Fortunately, Dr. Bramlage has given intranasal vaccines hundreds of times and today he’s sharing his knowledge with our blog readers in a new how-to video. He’ll cover how to mix a vaccine and how to give a dog or cat a vaccine intranasally. Finally, he’ll talk a little about the risk of possible reactions.

About Intranasal Vaccines for Cats and Dogs

Most intranasal vaccines are mixed just like injectable vaccines. Then, instead of giving an injection, a dropper or adapter is placed on the end of the syringe to administer the vaccine. It is dripped or squirted into the nose. While this might seem like an odd way to give a vaccine, it is actually very effective. Viruses such as kennel cough are caused by dogs breathing in the pathogens. This vaccine causes the production of antibodies in the respiratory tract, where they can be ready to attack the germs before they enter your pet’s body. 

Join Dr. Bramlage (Dr. B) as he shows you how to use and administer an intranasal vaccine.

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4 thoughts on “Intranasal Vaccines for Pets”

  1. I just brought my guys in for their update and my vet gave the intra nasal orally.
    He said the latest studies show it is just as effective given orally and less stress on the dogs.

    1. Hello Patience! That’s really interesting. I’m going to pass your comment along to Dr. B and see if he knows anything about that. Thanks for sharing that with us! -Maria at Revival

    1. Hello Mary! I sent your question to our Pet Care Pros and they informed me that the effect is almost instantaneous with an intranasal vaccine. Once the vaccine hits the mucus membrane it’s working. Let us know if you have any other questions. -Maria at Revival

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