Kennel Cough in Dogs

What can you do if your dog has kennel cough and how can you protect your pet’s from it? In this Pet Care Pro show, Shelley and Cynthia will discuss ways to prevent and manage kennel cough in your dogs.

*This video was filmed before COVID-19. Revival is still practicing social distancing measures to help keep employees and customers safe.

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6 thoughts on “Kennel Cough in Dogs”

  1. Wow I’ve been buying products either from my Vet or revival. I’m a Lyme and cancer patient myself and I can’t tell you the security and safety I feel for my love max and I owe it to Cynthia at Revival . For several years since I discovered Revival if I even had a question I know they’re patient enough to answer all my concerns with total knowledge and then some. If you own pets they are as valuable as your Vet. If you want peace of mind you found the right spot.

  2. Thanks I live getting these videos they help so much. I have recently bought borditella vaccinations and treated all my dogs. I was not aware that they could still get kennel cough after getting the vaccinations.

  3. My schnauzer is on nerve blocker and pain meds for a back injury. He’s on total rest, no walks or stairs. Are there other things such as massage I can do to help him get better. It’s been 12 weeks and he is still uncomfortable getting up from a lay down position he struggles so we assist him and he still can’t sit normal.

    1. Hello Janice, Since your dog is already on pain meds and a nerve blocker, I would consult with your vet about other ways you can make him more comfortable. -Maria at Revival

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