Meet Dr. Marty Greer

We’re so excited to announce the arrival of Dr. Marty Greer to the Revival Paw Squad. Dr. Greer is a renowned reproductive veterinarian, author and speaker. With more than 30 years’ experience, Greer is highly experienced in veterinary medicine, with a focus on pediatrics and reproduction. Dr. Greer also owns her own veterinary practice and canine semen bank in Wisconsin with her husband, Dr. Dan Griffiths.

Adding Dr. Greer to our Veterinary Services Division will allow us to provide you with more educational resources and enhance the experience of our veterinary services here at Revival.  We are so excited to have an accomplished vet join us in our mission to help you provide your pets with the best care possible.

If her name sounds familiar, you may be familiar with her book, “Canine Reproduction and Neonatology”. Greer frequently speaks at veterinary health events across the country. Her love of education is what drew her to a position at Revival. “The passion that Revival shows for education with the Pet Care Pros and its customers is great. Not a lot of companies are investing in resources to do those things,” Greer says.

Along with her many other passions, Greer and her husband raise and show Pembroke Welsh Corgis and Danish-Swedish Farmdogs. She is also active in many professional organizations, including serving as Chairman of the Board of National Animal Interest Alliance. 

Dr. B adds that Greer’s background and expertise are a perfect fit for Revival’s mission of helping pets be healthier. “I’m so excited to have someone joining the team who has an interest in managing reproduction. Her experience and knowledge are a great fit for what we’re trying to do at Revival,” he says.

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  1. Will we be able to get prescriptions through the vet? For example if I have a dog/litterwith coccidia will this vet be able to prescribe an albon pouch to me so I can make up a mixture of albon and dyne?

  2. What ,a wonderful addition to your group, between Dr B and Dr G – you will be the #1 go-to place for reproduction! I was able to attend via computer a continuing education seminar with Dr Greer and the PuppyWarmer developer – I learned so very much that day, even purchased her wonderful book which my regular vet has continued to borrow! Dr B. has single handedly saved our kennel with his reproduction knowledge and we swear by him – so happy to have both to be able to work with!

    We would love to see some webinars and teleconference calls with C.E.U. credits in the upcoming year!

  3. So awesome! I have a lot of trouble getting solid facts and answers from my regular vets. I am eager to see how Dr. GREER comes along with the reproductive and neonatal assistance. Lisa

  4. Great. Dr B has tried helping us with our English Golden male with out success in getting him to mate with our females. He is now 26 months old and has yet to mount a female. He gets all excited around a female in heat but that’s it. He still urinates like a female, does not lift his leg or mark his territory like male dogs do. If she could give us some ideas that would be great. We are thinking ofre-homing him in the next few months as he doesn’t seem to know how to breed a female and we have females coming into heat this next month. Give him one more chance to be a sire!
    Would like to see what she has to say would be appreciated.
    Dr B had us try Hornet Goat weed and testosterone shots last fall.

  5. Dr Greer,
    As, a long-standing customer of Revival Animal Health, I welcome you to the team! I applaud Revival’s customer service, fairly priced products and the library resources. I also enjoy Dr B’s podcasts.

    With 30 years of showing and breeding Shetland Sheepdogs, I know there is still much to learn about our dogs and the care we provide. Your expertise in reproduction will be an asset to all serious breeders.

  6. What a wonderful addition to your team !!! Love all your knowledge and useful articles and use alot of your products . I truly trust your products I use and your helpful staff in any situation and Dr. B himself talking with me and helping me with a critical pup case I had. With raising healthy puppies I won’t welp a litter without your products. I look forward to any education posted as you can never learn enough. Thank you Revival for all that you do and welcome Dr. Greer !

  7. Dr Greer sounds like a wonderful addition to your staff. Wishing her all the best. Would she be interested in coming out to Northern CA for a reproduction seminar.
    I am a retired “people” OB nurse and have been a collie breeder/exhibitor since 1974. I am also District Director from Nor CA for the Collie Club of America.

    1. Hello Mary!
      We haven’t finished Dr. Greer’s show scheduled for 2019 yet, so if you’d like you can fill out the donation/sponsorship form at with information about your club or event and put in the notes that you’re interested in having Dr. Greer speak. Let me know if you need any help!
      -Maria at Revival

  8. Great! Welcome Dr. Greer! I look forward to articles and suchvtgat you will share with your Revival customers! Love my dogs and want to care for them with the best info available!

  9. I have a Papillon bitch that has never had a true heat cycle. She is currently on DocRoys daily care 1/2 tablet and Thyrotabs 0.1 1/2 tablet. Do you have any other info that might help resolve this issue? She is a very well bred girl and I would like to get a couple of litters from her.she is a little over 3 yrs old.

    1. Hello Cheri, I recommend calling our Pet Care Pros. They are full of helpful knowledge and can help you with heat cycles. You can reach us at 800.786.4751. Let me know if you have any more questions. -Maria at Revival

  10. Welcome Dr. Greer. I have been so pleased, not only with Revival’s products, but with their learning center and pet care pros. Even though I have been breeding dogs for 20 years, I have learned a lot from Dr. B and Revival’s education. I am always happy to find the products here that work for what I need. I look forward to seeing your input at Revival.

  11. Will she be able to prescribe prescription drugs based upon email/conversation with the buyer. Or, will our prescriptions still need to come from our local veterinarian?

    1. Hello Norine,
      Unfortunately, Dr. Greer will not be able to give prescriptions. You will still have to see your normal vet for prescriptions. Let me know if you have any other questions. – Maria at Revival

    1. Hello Diane,
      Our staff vet isn’t allowed to write prescriptions due to federal regulations but your vet can send one in. We’d also be happy to contact your vet for you about transferring the prescription. Let us know how we can help!
      -Maria at Revival

  12. Welcome Dr. Greer! Happy to know that with your reproduction and young puppy experience and knowledge, you will be on Revival’s team. I have learned so much useful, lifesaving and practical information regarding breeding/raising puppies from reading Revival’s (Dr. B) articles. I look forward to your articles.

  13. Welcome to our family of dog enthusiasts who are trying to raise and promote healthy puppies! We are fortunate to have you join the team.

  14. Dr. Greer is amazing to work with. I have been taking my Jack Russell Terriers to her for a year now. I have learned so much from her that has really benefited our breeding program in a very positive way.

  15. I would love Dr. Greer’s opinion on a breeding schedule for healthy and health tested, adult Miniature Poodles. I have heard so many differing opinions from breeders and veterinarians I have worked for.
    1. Breed every cycle then retire at age 4.
    2. Breed for two cycles then rest a cycle.
    3. Breed once a year.


  17. Hello I have male beagle which I would like to possibly breed but they said he’s too old at one clinic I went to and wondering if there’s any possibility to revive his reproductive or boost his sperm count he is pretty healthy about 13 years old thank you

    1. Hello Angelo, I would recommend you call our Pet Care Pros. They can help get you connected to Dr. B, who can help you with questions like that. Our number is 800.786.4751. Let me know if you have any more questions. -Maria at Revival

  18. We will truly miss Dr B. But we will welcome dr. Greer. Looking forward to seeing her at the Missouri pet Breeders Association on March 8th and 9th at Lebanon Missouri want to wish her good luck she’s got big shoes to fill and probably the lady that can do it thank you

  19. Dr B is pretty hard to beat but Dr Greer might be close. What a womderful addition to the Revival team! You just keep getting better. True professionals you keep striving to find knowledge to help breeders. We breeders are so lucky that both of you (and of course the rest of the wonderful team) on our side and ready to help.

  20. Hello Dr. Greer,
    I have used pg 600 on my Golden Retriever that had not come into heat at one year. She did not conceive with a litter. Now I am reading that I could have messed up her fertility for the future.
    I did not know that this was a possibility. Do you think she could still have a normal heat and conceive in the future? I hope she will still be able to do so. Will she still be able to produce
    and drop eggs and be fertile? What is your experience with that? I have been a customer of Revival Animal Health for many years. Thank you.

    1. Hello Gloria, I passed your questions along to Dr. Greer. We’ll let you know what here response is when we hear back from her. -Maria at Revival

  21. I need help with a dam. After her pregnancy she developed a large teet. No fever (she had just weened a litter) no other symptoms but the teet was lumpy and could fit in the palm of my hand. When my vet decided to do surgery, she came into heat a month early and so he did not do surgery. He recommended that I breed her and see if the pups could resolve the issue. So I did…she should be 2 weeks pregnant now and her teet is larger than before…I am a bit alarmed. My vet is going to consult with CSU VET Teaching Hospital to see if and when he can do surgery with her pregnant. Is there something else that I can do to help her…antibiotics have done nothing, hot compresses have done nothing.

    1. Hello Denise, If you call into our Pet Care Pros, they’ll be able to help you with all your questions. You can reach them at 800.786.4751. -Maria at Revival

  22. Just looking for clarification on deworming pregnant bitches with fenbendazole. Dr. Greer stated deworm 3 weeks pre whelp and continue for 2 weeks post whelp at 1cc/4lbs. My question is how often? Once a week so total of 5 doses?

    Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Lori,
      That’s a great question. I suggest calling into our Pet Care Pros at 800.786.4751 and they would be able to clarify and answer your question on deworming. – Shelley at Revival

    1. Hi Ruby,
      I reached out to Sheryl, one of our Pet Care Pros, and here is her response. -Shelley at Revival

      Good morning Ruby, it’s much harder on a female if you skip heats because of changes in hormones and the uterine changes. The article in our Learning Center called Dog Heat Cycle Basics may help you. -Sheryl, Revival Pet Care Pro

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