Nearly $9K Raised For Parvo Research

The Revival Animal Health and Good Dog communities together raised $8,874 to help fund parvo research. During the month of April, people signed the Healthy Puppy Pledge. For every signature, Revival and Good Dog each donated $1 to Morris Animal Foundation to help fund current parvovirus research. In the study, researchers look at a dog’s immune response to improve parvovirus vaccine effectiveness and develop new parvo treatments.  

“Thanks to everyone at Revival Animal Health and all who contributed to support parvovirus research during Healthy Puppy Month,” said Dr. Janet Patterson-Kane, Chief Scientific Officer at Morris Animal Foundation. “While canine parvovirus continues to be a serious disease, your generous gifts will help ensure that puppies everywhere have longer, healthier lives. Your gifts will support continued research to improve the effectiveness of the canine parvovirus vaccine, as well as help establish new antibody-focused techniques to fight other diseases. Thank you!”, says Dr. Patterson-Kane.

Thousands Took the Pledge

Throughout the month, more than three thousand people signed the Healthy Puppy Pledge, a commitment showing support for healthy puppies. In addition, more than 75 people made a further donation beyond just signing the pledge. “It is wonderful to see so many individuals ready to commit their support to healthy puppies. Seeing people step up, sign the pledge and donate money to such a worthwhile research study shows how when we all work together, we can make a difference,” says Jim Rossiter, CEO of Revival Animal Health.

“We’re so honored to have been a part of Healthy Puppy Month. We have long-been inspired by the Morris Animal Foundation’s outstanding contributions to animal health and were humbled by the opportunity to help support their critically-important parvovirus research – because all dogs deserve healthy and happy lives. In our mission to build a better world for our dogs, we’re thrilled to continue working side-by-side with partners who share our mission, like Revival Animal Health, so that, together, we can give our dogs the world they deserve,” says Cat Matloub, Head of Partnerships, Community & Legal Affairs at Good Dog.

Parvo Research Continues

The research on parvovirus isn’t over. Morris Animal Foundation is continuing their study. If you would still like to donate to their research, we’ve made it easy. Simply click the “donate” button at

To learn more about parvovirus in dogs, visit the Revival Animal Health Learning Center and check out the article Parvo in Puppies and Dogs. Or read about the parvo success stories of Nikki, Peggy and Sharon as they share their Pet Care Victories.


3 thoughts on “Nearly $9K Raised For Parvo Research”

  1. Hold up’ by Revival’s print ; Revival Animal Health donated 1 dollar each. But they took in about 9000.00 dollars. Now what’s wrong with this entire picture? Whom, or which lab is conducting the research ? Address and phone number please.

    1. Hi Terry,

      Thanks for your questions and wanting to learn more about Morris Animal Foundation. Here is the link to the study. As mentioned above, the funds go to Morris Animal Foundation and they will earmark it for research conducted at Cornell University.

      Here is the link to the Morris contact page, that has their address, phone number and other contact info so you can reach out and learn more about them.

      As far as the donations, Revival and Good Dog each donated $1 for every signature received on the Healthy Puppy Pledge during the month of April. As we mentioned in the article, we were very excited that more than 3,000 people signed that pledge! In addition, several people within the Revival and Good Dog communities made a personal donation to Morris Animal Foundation, so combining the signatures and individual donations the total going to Morris to help fund parvo research is just under $9,000. Here is the fundraising page that shows all the donations made.

      Have a great day!
      -Shelley at Revival

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