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Here at Revival, our slogan is “Pet Care from the Heart,” but what does that mean? To celebrate 29 years of business, we interviewed a few Paw Squad members to see how that phrase impacts what they do here. In the video below, you’ll hear our team talk about offering quality products, being a source of knowledge, and helping out during stressful times. But it’s our customers who truly deliver “Pet Care from the Heart” through their caring interactions with animals every day and we are blessed to be along for the ride!

29 Years of Healthy Pets

Twenty-nine years ago, Revival was a small business in the home of a local vet, Doc Roy Nielsen. Now it’s a collection of nearly 70 animal-loving employees with customers across the globe. Our growth is truly due to the wonderful community of dedicated pet owners we serve who believe, like we do, that all animals deserve to be healthy. For 29 years, you have trusted us to help with your pet care needs, whether you’re staying up all night with a whelping mom or painstakingly caring for a sick family pet. This year we don’t just celebrate another year in business, we celebrate all of you!

Because of You

As we’ve grown, we’ve been able to help more pets and give back to causes close to our mission. Because of you, we’ve had events to help our veterans, made donations to shelters, and helped animals in need during disasters and crises.

Because of caring customers like you, orphan kittens are healthier and safe. Nursing mothers are calm and happy. Animals are getting the care they deserve. Pet care from the heart is not a goal a company like ours can achieve on its own – it is a goal that is to be achieved as a team. Thank you for being a part of our team and we hope to celebrate many more years of Pet Care from the Heart with you.

What does “Pet Care from the Heart” mean to you? Tell us in the comments!


24 thoughts on “Pet Care From the Heart”

  1. I’ve been a breeder for 27 years & have going to Revival Animal Health for 20 years plus & have recommended many people to your site. You are my go to place for all my fur kids:)

    Happy 29th Anniversary:)

  2. Pet care from the heart what it means to me is showing your animal the love that they need I am a breeder But I make sure that I let my dogs know that it’s not just all about breeding that they are loved and Revival has played a major role in my program they always have the best products and advice that I need and essays me lots of money thank you Revival

  3. Wow! How time flies. Can’t imagine how my kennel would run without you guys. Glad you are always there for me. Meegan – soooooo happy to have you continue to check on me so I never run out of essentials!

  4. Happy Anniversary, Revival! I am thankful for a company that is willing to educate their costumers not just sell products. That is customer care from the ❤️!

  5. Pet Care from the Heart tells me that this is a company that is putting the needs of our pets first. I love this and I enjoy being able to get almost every product I need from one place. Thank you!

  6. I am a breeder and have seriously appreciated working with Revival Animal Health. They have the knowledge that is needed in difficult situations because they are actually working with people through them. Not just having learned things in a book without the actual experience. Also, they approach issues with sensibility and common sense. They have great staff and great products with a program that recognizes volume buyers. Pet Care from the Heart for me is what Revival has offered to my breeding program.

  7. Dr. B at Revival was instrumental in helping me with my breeding program. He published one of his educational pieces on Leptospirosis and from this I was able to determine why I have been loosing litters. I wrote with questions and one of the staff wrote me personally with more info. It felt good to know they cared enough to respond.

  8. Pet care from the heart means so much to me. Revival not only sells pet care products they take time to answer questions about the products. The people from revival will answer how much product to give for the weight of my babies and how often to give it. Thanks for your heart Revival

  9. Revival is so important to me because I breed Havanese. I’ve had many successful litters because of the help that I received from the knowledgeable people that work there and they always have a product that works! I love especially the Oxymate, Oxymomma, and Oralcare Plus. I recommend it to all my friends who breed dogs!

  10. “Pet Care From the Heart” is what it takes to be a responsible breeder. I look at each one of my Boston Terriers as part of our family first before they are breeders. We love our dogs and that is why I often stay up for 24-48 hours waiting for new puppies and caring for our girls through the entire process. With great happiness then to turn healthy puppies over to new families and to hear and see the excitement these new owners have over these little bundles of joys. We have even had customers crying over receiving their new puppies. That makes our day and all the sleepless nights worth it.


  11. I love Revival Animal Health! You always have exactly what I need for my dogs. If I have any questions , you have an educated team to help me out. I’ve recommended you to friends & will continue to do so . Thanks for all you do, it’s greatly appreciated!

  12. Care from the heart is a must. In my home the pets are not just pets they are our kids. Caring from the heart means they get the best care there is to give. Its caring for them as if they are human. After all they are a part of our family.

  13. Revival is always right on tract with the products I need for my kennel. They also help me save on items by calling me to let me know when there is a special on items I purchase often. They do truly care and have my complete confidence!

  14. What it means to me is that, if I need help with an order, or how to use a product, or the best product for the situation I have, I can call, and talk to a live person. They have the knowledge that I am looking for. They can give me correct dosing for my Tiny 3.5lb female Poodle if I need it, or just assure me that I’m looking at the right product. In the age of tech, it’s refreshin to be able to connect with a human if I need to!

  15. Pet care from the heart means Revival helping us be better let parents. Giving us many options to take care of many different circumstances and always be willing to help.

  16. Congratulations on 29 years to everyone at Revival! Being a business owner myself, I know what it takes to be in business for 23 years. Much less 29! A lot of work!!! I learned about Revival while attending a rescue, shelter conference. Thank goodness a friendly person shared with me how they DEPENDED on Revival for most of their needs. That was in 2002! I’ve been a loyal customer ever since. They were one of the 1st companies (of about 3 -that I knew of- at that time) to provide quality products at a more affordable price than the veterinarian. That’s imperative to rescue work when you’re trying to save, help & care for MANY dogs on donations alone. Revival has been my “go to” ever since. I’ve recommended them to anyone, who has been smart enough to listen!! Now there are many many businesses you can order via catalog or online of similar type. But the close knit family atmosphere, that I’ve always experienced when doing business with Revival & their willingness to go the “extra mile” to help me in various different aspects…. I always go to Revival 1st. Still to this day – SIXTEEN YEARS LATER -for all my baby dog needs!!

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