The Pet Vaccine Experts

Pet vaccines are an important piece to keeping your pet healthy and happy. At Revival, we understand how important it is that your vaccines arrive safely. To keep your vaccines safe, we take measures such as custom polar boxes and monitored cooling. Join Shelley and Dave as they give an exclusive look into the art of shipping vaccines.


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10 thoughts on “The Pet Vaccine Experts”

  1. Wow, that was some great insight! It really makes me feel much more at ease purchasing my vaccines and knowing the special care with which they are handled. The fact that you look up the weather of the destination city to ensure the right amount of ice in the polar box is a great idea!

    1. Hi Estelle! Thank you for the wonderful message. I also think the weather checking is a great idea. It’s so cool seeing what all our warehouse team does!-Maria at Revival

    1. Hi Denise! Thank you for the feedback. We’re happy this will help you ease the minds of the puppy parents! -Maria at Revival

  2. I have dealt with you for a very long time and have always been satisfied with my vaccines. The last batch I ordered were not cold though, the ice packs were melted and I could tell it wasnt right. I should of called at that time but I didn’t.

    1. Hello Vickie! I am so sorry to hear about your vaccine order. I passed your message along to our Customer Care Pros and they would like for you to call in so they can help you out! Our phone number is 800.786.4751. Let me know if you need any more help. -Maria at Revival

  3. Great video !! I’ve been ordering for about 15 yrs. and it’s nice to see where the product comes from.
    Thank you !!

  4. It would also be interesting to hear how the vaccines are shipped from the manufacturer. Do they use a similar method as yours or refrigerated trucks, etc.?

    1. Hey Jayne! That’s a great suggestion. I’ll pass that along to the team and see what they think! Thank you! -Maria at Revival

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