This Celebration is for YOU

This year, being a year like no other, we wanted to do something special, different and just for you. So, we’ve turned our Anniversary event into a Thank You Celebration. We want to thank you for those sleepless nights where you helped a new mom deliver her puppies. We want to thank you for those evenings you’ve spent bottle-feeding an orphan kitten. We want to thank you for all the times you tried to give your cat her medicine… we know that isn’t easy!

To help you keep doing the superhero work that you do, we invite you to check out to discover our biggest deals of the year on many of your must-haves. You’ll save on brands like Breeder’s Edge, Doc Roy’s, Vet Basics and more!

You are amazing. Thank You for trusting us with your pet care needs. Thank You for asking us your pet health questions. Thank You for being absolutely pawsome.


1 thought on “This Celebration is for YOU”

  1. Thank you for always being helpful. Each time I call to place an order I am greeted with a friendly staff that is always willing to go the extra mile to help. You have great prices and really don’t know what our facility would do with out you.

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