New Whelping Pads

New to Revival, the Breeders’ Edge Washable Whelping Pads! These whelping pads are perfect for any breeder with a whelping mom or a new pet owner with a puppy! Join Cynthia as she shares the latest info on our brand new whelping pad!

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9 thoughts on “New Whelping Pads”

  1. The bigger issue with whelping pads is whether they keep your puppies dry, not whether the urine soaks through to the floor below. Do your pads wick away the moisture from the surface so that your puppies stay dry? These are great for incontinent pets (wee wee pads) but not the best for whelping boxes.

    1. Hello Jackie,
      The new Breeders’ Edge Whelping Pads were made for that reason. They have a high absorbency rate, so they’ll keep mom and puppies dry and clean. If you want to know more about them, we would love to help. You can reach our Pet Care Pros at 800.786.4751.
      -Maria at Revival

    1. Hello Toni,
      Our Pet Care Pros would love to give you more info about the new whelping pads. You can reach our Pet Care Pros at 800.786.4751.
      -Maria at Revival

  2. I have great danes and the mom’s can bunch up whelping pads. How to they stay in place with out bunching up from movement? Terrie

    1. Hello Amy, if you were wanting to order the 48 inch pad, they are now back in stock! Give our Pet Care Pros a call to place your order. 🙂 -Maria at Revival

  3. These pads didn’t hold up even under one washing. I wouldn’t recommend them even if they cost $.10

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